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The Academy of EMC?! A journey begins.

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

A topic which leads to a lot of suffering when doing electronics design and product development is: Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). The Academy of EMC has the vision of:

  1. "Help as many engineers as possible out there to succeed in EMC testing right away and reduce the pain to a minimum."

  2. "Provide an opportunity for professional engineers to obtain an EMC Design Expert certificate online."

Since years, I'm passionate about EMC. Yes, it sounds crazy. I mean: EMC is not a really fancy topic and you cannot talk with your friends about it (at least not with non-engineers), as they get bored quickly. But what is it, that makes EMC a fascinating topic for many engineers? For me, EMC means...

  • ... electrical engineering at highest level (high-frequency design).

  • ... theoretical knowledge (in electrical engineering) and practical experience brought together.

  • ... a responsibility for our product and development engineers towards the users and the society to only release compliant products to the markets which guarantee a certain level of product safety.

In December 2017, my passion about EMC brought me to the point where I decided to release my simple and practical EMC Design Guidelines online. The feedback all over the world was very good and I soon realized that nobody taught me all these practical guidelines at university and that I don't know a university in my area (I live in Einsiedeln, Switzerland) where I could get a reputable certificate or degree in Electromagnetic Compliant Design or thereafter.

So I talked to some of my (engineering) friends about my idea to start an online academy which gives engineers and technicians the opportunity to obtain a certificate in EMC Design, and they supported my idea.

So, here begins the journey of The Academy of EMC and I hope that I can help many engineers to...

  1. ... reduce the pain of getting there products compliant.

  2. ... show their employer and peers that they are EMC Design Engineer by passing our certification exam.

I am excited about that. You will hear soon a lot more about EMC and The Academy of EMC.



Reto Keller



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