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The Academy of EMC is a non-profit organization. We have the strong belief that education is the foundation of prosperity and a free society. The Academy of EMC wants to contribute to that and our mission is stated as follows:


The Academy of EMC brings free education

about Electromagnetic Compatibility to everybody.


This website is a free and independent source of information on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). It is a place where engineers can find education, inspiration, solutions and support in EMC.

EMC is becoming more and more important as today's society moves toward autonomous and intelligent machines to which we entrust our lives to (e.g. autonomous cars). Therefore, we believe that it is important to have a code of ethics to follow.

The PDF-document here, contains the statutes of our non-profit organisation. They are in German, because the place of residence of the legal entity of Academy of EMC is in Switzerland.

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The Academy of EMC

Established 2020





Reto Keller

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Principal electronics

development engineer.

President, founder and content creator at Academy of EMC.


Simon Landolt

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Entrepreneur and

development engineer.

Vice-president and secretary Academy of EMC.


Ignacio de Mendizábal

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Electronics engineer and technical writer.

Technical writer for the

Academy of EMC.

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