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[Best Books] about Electromagnetic Compatibility!

There are a couple of good books on the market about Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). We read the most popular and wrote reviews for you. Here you can compare the most popular EMC books side-by-side.

In case you are an electronics hardware design engineer or electronics hardware architect, we tell you which EMC book you...

  • ...must read

  • ...should read

  • ...could read

[Reference Designs] for achieving Electromagnetic Compatibility!

You must not invent the wheel new every time you start an electronics design. Let's learn from proven EMC designs (high-frequency, mixed-signal PCB, systems etc.) and search for your application in our EMC Reference Designs.

We are always keen to learn from you. In case you would like to share a good reference design, write us an email, we would be happy to hear from you:

[EMC Design Guidelines],
The 15 Golden Rules for EMC compliant design!

These FREE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) design guidelines are here to help you to understand the basics of how to make a good EMC PCB design or EMC wiring design. Good in this context means: with low Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).

Following these guidelines helped many engineers to succeed in EMC testing of several products. However, be aware that guidelines in general cannot do magical things to your design. Be wary!

[EMC Design Engineer Certification] will help to boost your career!

We offer a certification as EMC Design Engineer for professional electrical and electronics engineers. A certificate as EMC Design Engineer will proof your expertise in the EMC subject and your skills in EMC compliant design, testing and troubleshooting.


The reference material for certification is this book and he certification exam can be taken online with a proven and robust test method.


The EMC Univesity!? A journey begins.


Since years, I'm passionate about EMC. Yes, it sounds crazy. I mean: EMC is not a really fancy topic and you cannot talk with your friends about it (at least not with non-engineers), as they get bored quickly. But what is it, that makes EMC a fascinating topic for many engineers? For me, EMC means...


May 14, 2018

15 Golden Rules of PCB and Wiring Design

We tried to write down 15 simple and practical rules to follow during your PCB and wiring design. 


May 10, 2018

EMC Design Review for FREE

Following the basic EMC guidelines is mandatory but not enough. A good EMC design review will safe time and money. 


May 01, 2018










    The PCB Design Guidelines are easy to understand and practical to follow. I am glad I found out about them.

— F.S. from India

    The EMC University published their free and basic EMC Design Design Guidelines for EMC compliant PCB design and EMC compliant system design. It helped me a lot and I use it for quick reference.

— A.E. from Germany

    Thanks for your book reviews. Finding EMC book reviews side-by-side helped me to choose the right book.

— S.L. from Switzerland

    EMC University is the only website I know which shares free and proven EMC Reference Designs. Awesome!

— P.N. from USA

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